Producer wanted! 

We do not care about your education, but we DO care about your passion and if you apply for this position your passion is film. 

Parapix is a production agency located in downtown Stockholm. We consist of eight people and a few freelancers and our aim is to have lots of fun and producing great content. The content we produce is mostly commercials, but also VR, music videos, short films and experimental projects. We work with some of Sweden’s most talented agencies and attractive brands. Our standards are high and we expect the same from you. 

Parapix is now seeking to expand our production and post-production units. The position we are looking for will be a crossover. 

We expect you

  •  To have a great passion for film

  •  To be creative

  •  To be solution-oriented

  •  To have a general know-how on box cameras

  •  To master the adobe package

  •  To have an eye for details

  •  To follow us and build up Parapix worldwide


If you feel that you tick all those boxes we can offer you: 

  •  To work with your passion

  •  To be creative

  •  To solve a lot of challenges

  •  To work with nice cameras

  •  To become an adobe ninja

  •  To challenge your eye for details

  •  To follow us and build up Parapix worldwide 

We recommend that you are good with juggling projects and meeting demanding deadlines. You always want to learn new things, and can do so while under pressure. 


Well that's it.

Answer these three questions, along with your resume and a video of yourself. 


1. You are burning 300mb/sec and you will run out of space before the shoot is over. What do you do?

2. Your definite deadline is closing in. You run into challenges and risk over shooting it. What do you do?

3. You are doing a short studio shoot pre-roll for YouTube. What camera would you choose and why?